Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hey, thanks for the pictures they are great!
Sad to hear that the Government shut down is affecting the Browns! We here about it here all the time.... Sounds like everyone is doing good.  Hopefully Dan does good with his Wisdom teeth.

That is awesome that Isaac and Hannah went to the temple and are taking that path! So when are they getting sealed?

I know Dad has been excited about his new calling and the things that he is able to accomplish.  He told me that his home teaching for the high priest is 90%-100% which is awesome seeing that we heard a lot about home teaching yesterday

So I had a early transfer this last week; I am now in the office as an assistant to the president! I am serving with Elder Nicholls and Elder Jones until Elder Jones goes home this Friday. We will  be covering 3 Y.S.A. Wards, so this will be new for me. President called me into his office last week and told me that he would like for me to join him in the office and that Elder Jones and Elder Nicholls will both be gone by November 30 so I needed to take good notes.

I was sad to leave my area that I had served in for 7 months. I didn't get to see many people before I left because of the short transfer so I hope I will get to go back and serve in that area!
We already found 2 new investigators this past week in my new area.  We were on our way to an appointment and had a little time to spare so we contacted 2 young women and taught a brief message of the Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment for this week!!! We will see how that goes. 

We are an extremely young mission so this will be a great opportunity for me to be the best I can so that they have a good example.

Anyways I will be taking pictures this week so that I can send them to you next week.
I love you and hope everything is going good!

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