Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan. 27, 2014 P day pictures

In the first picture is 3 new missionaries we have gotten. Elder
Fiucir, Elder Gunnell and Elder Turner.

The second picture is with my piano teacher, she has also taught me
how to play the organ which has been lots of fun for me. ( Sister

The third pictures is with my companion Elder Dearborn!:)

Hope you get all these pictures love you and wish you the best. Love
Elder Nelson!!

January 27, 2014


This last week as I said we had leadership exchanges so by the end of
the week I went on five exchanges total! I was a little worn out, but
then my president said or hinted that I should be getting up a little
earlier so I have begun to get up every morning a 5:30. It has been
really good so far and I feel that I can accomplish a lot more each

I have been staying steady on my piano practice and lessons every
Monday! The lady that teaches me lost her husband while I was serving
in the ward and I heard she was a great piano teacher so I asked her
if she would be willing to teach me. She of course said yes and has
enjoyed teaching me, I have been able to build a good relationship
with her whole family.

I am going to take a bunch of pictures today and send them to you as
the day comes to an end so just stay posted on that.

We had a wonderful training on working with Stake and Ward Leadership
and that has helped us out so much and finally helped me with a area
of work that I lacked. I feel that I can be a greater tool in the
hand of God after the training that we just had! We got to work with
our leadership and get the ward more excited about missionary work in
a good way.

I hope you know that I love you all and am so thankful for all that
you do for me! I am really working on the more detailed parts of
missionary work. I have been a lot more diligent towards the end of my
mission, at times it is very hard but then again it is very important!

I hope you are able to work with the missionaries in your ward! You
have such a great oppurtunity to use the temple as a way to introduce
people to the church! What an exciting time it must be for all of you
down in Arizona!!

I will write a little more and explain my pictures later today! Thanks
for all that you do! Have a wonderful day! Love Elder Nelson

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sorry I was unable to E-mail! We had leadership training all week
which meant that I was on exchanges all week. I never had time to
e-mail as you know it was MLK on monday.

Anyway here is a Picture and I will e-mail you this monday! Thanks
Love Elder Nelson

This is Elder Blackburn from monroe utah. He says that Dirk knows him...?
(Update from Maria: elder Corbin Blackburn is Dirk's good buddy Richard's nephew.  I just saw his parents tonight in Richfield :).  Small world!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 13, 2014


So today has been really good, I have been in the office doing a lot
of paper work for the up coming transfer! My companion doesn't like
doing office work so he went on an exchange with an elder while I was
here in the office.

So funny story, I ran into a girl and her mother from St. George.
Taylor Murphy, She is Dan's age and is playing volleyball at BSU. We got to talk for a little at Wal-Mart and I was just blown away 'cause I haven't seen them in the longest time since I left STG.  They filled me in on everyone back home and I got to tell them a
little bit of my mission. It was really cool to see them while I was
at Wal-Mart.

Also while I was in the office a young man just walked in and asked
who he needed to talk to to learn more about our faith!!! So of course
I was herewith and pulled him into our President's office and began to
teach him. We set a baptismal date for Feb 8th and really helped him
out with understanding God in his Life.

Sorry I have to write really fast right now my p- day is about to be
over so I must get off. But I will fly home, I guess that sounds great!

So my Camera got stolen so I can't send pictures:(.... 

Anyway thanks for all you do send my  Love and know that I am doing
great,  Love Elder Samuel Nelson!!!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 6, 2014

Sounds like a wild week for you and Dad, is the temple open house
going on right now?

We went into a biblical study center on campus, we got to talk to one of the teachers who invited us to come and teach a class and have a
question and answer at the end! This won't happen until later this month but I thought it was a fun way to find more people to teach. We
set a goal as a mission to find 500 new investigators! We fell short and got 386.... But we found 16 new investigators in our own area which we were happy about.

Today at Wal-Mart I talked to a bunch of people and 3 of them said we could come by sometime and share more. This just strengthened my faith
because I know the Lord is placing these people in my path so that they will hear the message we share:)

This past week has been really long for me.... We did 5 exchanges this week with zone leaders and a few Elders that wanted to go out with us,
so it wore me down a little but I am doing really good at this point.

I feel that I could do a lot of things to make this mission better than when I came into it, so that will be my focus these next couple
of weeks!

I have had a good time serving as an assistant and may end up training
a new Missionary for the last part of my mission... We will see what happens:) 
Anyway this week we have leadership training and I have to lead the discussion and find ways to bring us all together. I will let you know how that goes keep me in your prayers:)

Thanks for the Shirts and again I know this is a lot but could you send me some ties.... I have only a few and I would love some ones
with some fun colors:)

I love you and wish you the best this week love Elder Nelson!

The Picture below is with George and Jordan. The are related to each other, Jordan was baptized about 7 months ago and then he baptized
George. They were really fun to work with and I wish them the best!

P.S. I promise to send pictures next week: