Sunday, June 1, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

He's Home!!

On Saturday, May 17, 2014 Elder Samuel Nelson returned home after serving two honorable years in the Boise Idaho LDS Mission!!!  We are so excited to have him home!

Samuel will be speaking in his home ward in Gilbert, AZ this Sunday, May 25.  You can email him (check the sidebar) or post a comment for more details!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5, 2014


Mother sorry today is going to be little short! I had a few old
friends that I haven't heard from since I left on my mission write me
so I had to fill them in on everything for the last two years! 
 I had an awesome fast Sunday! I got up and bore my testimony and then
our EQP got up and just started to  thanks me for carrying the spirit
and doing everything that was asked of me. Then Patrick got up and
started to bare his testimony.  Patrick is best friends with Keith
Jones the big Black guy. In his testimony he just said that this
gospel and church will change your life to Keith. It was really
 I am so glad you were able to help me get all ready for school! thanks so much.

I am so glad you were able to meet the Hagmanns! They are my favorite
family up here! I have been working a lot with them and plan on
staying in touch with them they are great. I will have to say hi to
their daughter at my home coming.

We have been seeing lots of miracles and lots of members make a little
effort to share the gospel and it has been amazing thus far.' 
I went on an exchange with Elder Fielding a missionary that came out
when I was an assistant!  He has been dying to go out with me, so he
sent an emergency letter to the president to make sure that he could do an exchange with me for the day. We had a really good time and I
was glad that I got to meet and serve with him at this point of my

Anyway we will call you this week to schedule a time to talk on sunday.

Thanks for all you do. Have a wonderful week. 
 Love Elder Nelson
PS - tell everyone that I love them and Look forward to seeing them soon!!
PSS- This is Patrick a less active that we have been working with. We got up really early and walked around that pond and read some scriptures
this morning. He is making some big changes in his life! It has been
great for us to see.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mom and dad with the Hagmann's!

The Hagmann's, who know Elder Nelson from Boise, visited Gilbert and were able to meet mom and dad... So fun! 😍

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hey Mom,

Glad to hear. I will prepare a talk on Jesus Christ and will do what I can to prepare for that and share some great stories that will inspire
people to get out on there missions.

Thanks for doing all that you have for me and helping out with school!  
I am excited to get started and sounds good I will be excited to come back and live with you for a little and then go stay with Isaac. 

We just started teaching a woman named Lisa Young and finally her husband  Mike just asked if he could join our lessons! We are having
dinner with them this up coming week. We have lot going on here in 

Love Elder Samuel Nelson


These were taken by Arnie Hagmann and his family!  They really love Elder Nelson!

The Hagmann Family

The Hagmann's have been a special family for Elder Nelson.  Here is an email his parents received from them along with some more pictures:

I forgot to tell you, I have an inactive daughter in Boise and she is the one the Missionaries (your son and companion) are helping me to reactivate.  They are doing it through service. (I'm remodeling a house that I recently bought for her). Because of their service she has agreed to take the discussions and she is bringing a nonmember to hear them as well.
This is all happening this week while I'm in Gilbert. 

I found those missing pictures in my "sent" file on my phone even though I sent them from my home computer and resent them. Hope you received them.
Let me know.  Arnie Hagmann

Ps -I enjoyed meeting the parents of my favorite missionary. And, thank you for the grapefruit.

Arnold and Linda Hagmann

My wife was really disappointed not to be able to meet you this trip.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

All the missionaries!

Elder Daniel Nelson recieved his mission call on April 23, 2014 to serve in Charlotte, NC!!  

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014


Thanks so much for the pictures! I am so excited to hear about Dan's
call where he will be going so I look forward to next week!

So with my homecoming talk, do we know the topic? or am I just talking
about the two years of service that I will have just finished?

Also Arnold Hagmann will be flying down to Phoenix around April 29th,
we have arranged for him to take a few things home for me and if need
be his wife will be heading down a few days later and if needed she
will carry some things for me. I am not leaving anything  behind or
giving anything away.

Also I wanted to talk to you about School.... I don't know what
credits I have gotten at G.W. I dropped out of classes at UVU so I
will not have any from there. Do I need to register and start doing
things now to prepare for school? How can I apply for a pale grant and
how long does that take? Since you have been through school I would
like to know any advice you have for me as I get back started in

Sounds like you will have a fun time with your sister and mother in
Montana. I got my flight plans and will be landing in Phoenix at 1:45
from Los Angles on may 17th just so you know.

We had such a good week! We taught 9 member presents and set a
baptismal date with one of our investigators! One of our investigators
had such a powerful experience that she told us she is converting and
can't wait to come to church again, she 4 kids and we are finally
meeting with her husband today!!!

Anyway we had a wonderful week and look forward to talking to you on
mothers day! Thanks so much!

Love Elder Nelson
Keith Jones, he committed to be baptized on may 4th. We are excited to be working with him he is a good guy

Friday, April 11, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hey just some pictures,

Elder Tran is my companion and the other is my Bishop Joe Miller.

Sorry I just don't have much to say this week. I am loving the area
and love Elder Nelson's talk the most over the weekend. I thought the
Priesthood session was awesome.

We just had a transfer and I am now serving  with Elder McClellan from
San Jose, Cali. He is a really good missionary and I think he asked to
serve with me for my last transfer so I am going to enjoy this time
with him.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 31, 2014


I am so grateful for the wonderful brother-in-laws we have that
support my sisters! I have such big shoes to fill!

I am so happy for Daniel and Isaac! They are doing so good in
everything right now.

We have found a lot of new people to teach this week. I got to speak
in church this past Sunday and shared a story of an investigator we
taught several months ago. It was a very good story of how we can
affect people in ways we never know as we share and live the gospel. I
had many people thank me for sharing.

We are finally getting things rolling in our ward. We have the best
ward mission leader! He is fully engaged in our work at this time.

The pictures you have are from the service we gave to the Methodist
church. Also some pictures from the Fullers house who are cousins to
the Robinsons, Kira is their cousins.

Thanks for allowing me to so healthy and supporting me at this time. Thanks!

Love Elder Nelson!

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 17, 2014

We had a wonderful experience here in the ward.  We found a new family from Africa and we will be teaching them this week. It was a
really humbling experience because they were refugees that got split up from their  family and the 16 yr old boy opened up to us and said, 
"It was really hard for me over there." and you could see that he had been through a lot. I will keep you updated on the progress of them.

We had a youth fireside yesterday and me, being the oldest missionary at the meeting, I got to speak last and share some experience that have happened over the last 2 years. I am happy to say that I had everyone laughing and made it a good experience!  Afterward we sang the song "Will Bring the World His Truth." It was really powerful.

We have been working a lot with the young men in our ward and have been staying really busy with service in the area.  As you saw Arnold
Hagmann had us working on his back yard. We have been working with the less-active daughter and his grandson, who is coming back to church.

I am so grateful for my mission and the many things that I have been able to do. I am in awe with how much growth and strength I have obtained during my mission.

Thanks for all that you do!

It is just getting warm here so I am starting to enjoy my bike rides everyday:) Have a wonderful week.

Love Elder Nelson

The Fence

The wind picked up and knocked down four sections of brother Crockett's fence. He has been the elders chauffeur on many occasions.

The fence is as straight as an arrow. A job well done!

Sent from Arnie Hagmann

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 3, 2014

So I am serving in the Boise North Stake and my district is the Boise North
District. My companion is Elder Tran he is a good missionary from Cali Apple
I got to bear my testimony yesterday, I felt really good and very accepted
by the ward. Most my nights right now are restless, but I am still moving
forward and finding new ways to do things. I can't wait to put the things I
have learned into affect with school and with all the other things that I
will be doing.

We have found 3 new people to teach and have been working really hard to get
things going.
 I have been staying really busy and being ever so diligent with the work in
our area. 
Thanks for all that you do. I am doing work to get things good forward on
all cylinders. 
 Love Elder Nelson

March 11, 2014


I am glad to here about the family and all that is going on. I will
keep Lana in my prayers! I am so excited to hear where Dan will get
his call letter! So it should be what another 3 weeks before he finds
out where he is going?

Also I was wondering if I still have any books that I read a long time
ago? I was hoping I still had the two great classic books. one was
Euclid and Nicudimus? Let me know if you find it.

I am living with single guy named Ethan Hawkley who has been through a
divorce but is such a good teacher and a fun person to be around!  We
work with him a lot doing missionary work. I am loving my companion
Elder Tran!  He is so willing to work and try new things and has a love
for the Savior. This transfer has been amazing thus far.

This week I will be giving a training on "Revelation Through Church
Attendance." I have good idea of what I am going to do.

As a zone we have set a goal to talk to at least 420 people per week.
That, on average, is 5 per companionship per day. We have been doing really
well as a district to get out and start talking to people.

Our ward has been great in helping us in this work and bringing a lot
who have fallen away back into the fold. I was a little disappointed
with our Elders' Quorum class, we didn't even cover anything from the
manual, the teacher started taking us down the road of politics and
started talking about socialism and capitialism. I will talk to our
President and make sure we stay on topic for those who really need it.

Anyway everything is going great on this side. I love you and look
forward to seeing you soon. Let me know what you find out.

Love Elder Nelson~!

March 15, 2014

This this is a picture of Elder Nelson pruning the Idaho State Flower, the Syringa. What a great Missionary!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hey! Feb. 24, 2014


I have been transferred out of the office to the Boise North
Stake. I will be covering the Mitchel Ward.

I am so grateful for getting out of the office, I am excited for the
new change:)

I will keep Isaac in my prayers and also everyone else in the family.
I am excited because the family I moved in with has a piano and a
organ so I can practice all the time now! It looks like I will finish
my mission in this area as a District Leader.

These last two transfers have come to quickly and too fast for me. I am
excited about all the things I have learned and how I will get to use
them in my own area before I leave.

Thanks for the letters and all that you do for me. I am so thankful for
all the vitamins and green drink that you have supported me with my
whole mission! You have no idea how grateful I have been for the
support of both you and Dad! I hope you know that I love you:)

Just got a little bit longer and I will make sure to finish strong.

-Love Elder Samuel Nelson

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hey, so everything is going just fine out here. I am looking forward
to the up coming transfer!

We are having zone conference this week so we will be pretty busy with

I am just doing all I can to stay focused on my mission. It all seems
to close and to real for this time to end.
I am so sad to hear the news of Aunt Michele! That is so sad, I will
pray for the family and keep them in my prayers!

I have seen many miracles in the area, and we have now gotten involved
with the institute so we will be teaching classes and challenging the
students to talk to their friends. That is pretty exciting to hear:)

I got to speak with our stake president who made a really good point
to me and ended by quoting Saint Francis, " Preach the Gospel and if
necessary use words." Much more then speaking is doing, I may not be
able to convince many people of the message of the restoration but I
can live the gospel and from my life choices people will witness the
happiness that the gospel brings into my life.

We also got to sit with our Bishop and his wife for dinner. they are
both very healthy people that own a gym. Our conversation around the
dinner table didn't vary from the Word of Wisdom. Bishop then took
some time to explain the importance of planning ahead! He said if you
want to be financially independent you need to take 10% of your
earnings and start saving it, plan today and stay out of debt! I had a
wonderful time speaking with them. He is a good Bishop and one that I
enjoy working with.

I love you and hope all is well.

Love Elder Nelson

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey! Feb., 3, 2014

So this week we have the Director of Proselyting coming to our mission
and he will be spending tomorrow with us. That will be exciting to
have him out with us!

We have had a great week!

So we have a list of people that no one in the ward has met.... So we
said we would go and make contact with a few of them, I called a guy
named Wes Snyder he lives on the campus and is a recent convert of 3
yrs, he said he would feed us and would love to have us come over so
we scheduled a time. We go meet with him and have dinner together,
throughout the whole time we are there he keeps looking at me and then
said "I know you Elder Nelson." I thought to myself I have talked to
so many people here on campus, I probably just talked to him a few
weeks ago no big deal! ...... As we were about to leave the house it
started to bothered me that I didn't recognize him, so I started
asking him questions. He started opening up and said that he use to be
married to a girl named Mari and that he has a little girl with
her.... After he had mentioned this I knew who I was talking to! Wes
and Mari were in my first area and we were teaching Mari his wife for
the first two weeks I was there then they moved. It was a sad reunion
to see what had happened to a once beautiful couple and family. We
exchanged information and he told me that he would love for us to come
by and see him sometime and to keep in touch. I was so glad that we
were able to find him and have such a good visit.

Mom for the next 3 months I would just like to try supplements from
nikken that I haven't yet had:) Whatever you think would be of benefit
to me... I have plenty of Green Drink, and thats about it. You could
suprise me with whatever and I will be happy. Also you know the nikken
mini that I have around my neck? Well the cover that goes over it has
just worn out.... Would I get one of those covers so I can where the

Here are some pictures and I will try to send some more this next
week. Hope you enjoy them.

I love you and thank you so much for all that you do for me!! Say hi to Lana and Emma for me. Talk to you soon!