Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 6, 2014

Sounds like a wild week for you and Dad, is the temple open house
going on right now?

We went into a biblical study center on campus, we got to talk to one of the teachers who invited us to come and teach a class and have a
question and answer at the end! This won't happen until later this month but I thought it was a fun way to find more people to teach. We
set a goal as a mission to find 500 new investigators! We fell short and got 386.... But we found 16 new investigators in our own area which we were happy about.

Today at Wal-Mart I talked to a bunch of people and 3 of them said we could come by sometime and share more. This just strengthened my faith
because I know the Lord is placing these people in my path so that they will hear the message we share:)

This past week has been really long for me.... We did 5 exchanges this week with zone leaders and a few Elders that wanted to go out with us,
so it wore me down a little but I am doing really good at this point.

I feel that I could do a lot of things to make this mission better than when I came into it, so that will be my focus these next couple
of weeks!

I have had a good time serving as an assistant and may end up training
a new Missionary for the last part of my mission... We will see what happens:) 
Anyway this week we have leadership training and I have to lead the discussion and find ways to bring us all together. I will let you know how that goes keep me in your prayers:)

Thanks for the Shirts and again I know this is a lot but could you send me some ties.... I have only a few and I would love some ones
with some fun colors:)

I love you and wish you the best this week love Elder Nelson!

The Picture below is with George and Jordan. The are related to each other, Jordan was baptized about 7 months ago and then he baptized
George. They were really fun to work with and I wish them the best!

P.S. I promise to send pictures next week:

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