Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 27, 2014


This last week as I said we had leadership exchanges so by the end of
the week I went on five exchanges total! I was a little worn out, but
then my president said or hinted that I should be getting up a little
earlier so I have begun to get up every morning a 5:30. It has been
really good so far and I feel that I can accomplish a lot more each

I have been staying steady on my piano practice and lessons every
Monday! The lady that teaches me lost her husband while I was serving
in the ward and I heard she was a great piano teacher so I asked her
if she would be willing to teach me. She of course said yes and has
enjoyed teaching me, I have been able to build a good relationship
with her whole family.

I am going to take a bunch of pictures today and send them to you as
the day comes to an end so just stay posted on that.

We had a wonderful training on working with Stake and Ward Leadership
and that has helped us out so much and finally helped me with a area
of work that I lacked. I feel that I can be a greater tool in the
hand of God after the training that we just had! We got to work with
our leadership and get the ward more excited about missionary work in
a good way.

I hope you know that I love you all and am so thankful for all that
you do for me! I am really working on the more detailed parts of
missionary work. I have been a lot more diligent towards the end of my
mission, at times it is very hard but then again it is very important!

I hope you are able to work with the missionaries in your ward! You
have such a great oppurtunity to use the temple as a way to introduce
people to the church! What an exciting time it must be for all of you
down in Arizona!!

I will write a little more and explain my pictures later today! Thanks
for all that you do! Have a wonderful day! Love Elder Nelson

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