Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hey, so everything is going just fine out here. I am looking forward
to the up coming transfer!

We are having zone conference this week so we will be pretty busy with

I am just doing all I can to stay focused on my mission. It all seems
to close and to real for this time to end.
I am so sad to hear the news of Aunt Michele! That is so sad, I will
pray for the family and keep them in my prayers!

I have seen many miracles in the area, and we have now gotten involved
with the institute so we will be teaching classes and challenging the
students to talk to their friends. That is pretty exciting to hear:)

I got to speak with our stake president who made a really good point
to me and ended by quoting Saint Francis, " Preach the Gospel and if
necessary use words." Much more then speaking is doing, I may not be
able to convince many people of the message of the restoration but I
can live the gospel and from my life choices people will witness the
happiness that the gospel brings into my life.

We also got to sit with our Bishop and his wife for dinner. they are
both very healthy people that own a gym. Our conversation around the
dinner table didn't vary from the Word of Wisdom. Bishop then took
some time to explain the importance of planning ahead! He said if you
want to be financially independent you need to take 10% of your
earnings and start saving it, plan today and stay out of debt! I had a
wonderful time speaking with them. He is a good Bishop and one that I
enjoy working with.

I love you and hope all is well.

Love Elder Nelson

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