Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014


Thanks so much for the pictures! I am so excited to hear about Dan's
call where he will be going so I look forward to next week!

So with my homecoming talk, do we know the topic? or am I just talking
about the two years of service that I will have just finished?

Also Arnold Hagmann will be flying down to Phoenix around April 29th,
we have arranged for him to take a few things home for me and if need
be his wife will be heading down a few days later and if needed she
will carry some things for me. I am not leaving anything  behind or
giving anything away.

Also I wanted to talk to you about School.... I don't know what
credits I have gotten at G.W. I dropped out of classes at UVU so I
will not have any from there. Do I need to register and start doing
things now to prepare for school? How can I apply for a pale grant and
how long does that take? Since you have been through school I would
like to know any advice you have for me as I get back started in

Sounds like you will have a fun time with your sister and mother in
Montana. I got my flight plans and will be landing in Phoenix at 1:45
from Los Angles on may 17th just so you know.

We had such a good week! We taught 9 member presents and set a
baptismal date with one of our investigators! One of our investigators
had such a powerful experience that she told us she is converting and
can't wait to come to church again, she 4 kids and we are finally
meeting with her husband today!!!

Anyway we had a wonderful week and look forward to talking to you on
mothers day! Thanks so much!

Love Elder Nelson
Keith Jones, he committed to be baptized on may 4th. We are excited to be working with him he is a good guy

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