Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Hagmann Family

The Hagmann's have been a special family for Elder Nelson.  Here is an email his parents received from them along with some more pictures:

I forgot to tell you, I have an inactive daughter in Boise and she is the one the Missionaries (your son and companion) are helping me to reactivate.  They are doing it through service. (I'm remodeling a house that I recently bought for her). Because of their service she has agreed to take the discussions and she is bringing a nonmember to hear them as well.
This is all happening this week while I'm in Gilbert. 

I found those missing pictures in my "sent" file on my phone even though I sent them from my home computer and resent them. Hope you received them.
Let me know.  Arnie Hagmann

Ps -I enjoyed meeting the parents of my favorite missionary. And, thank you for the grapefruit.

Arnold and Linda Hagmann

My wife was really disappointed not to be able to meet you this trip.

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