Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

So cool to hear.  I bet the house (Isaac & Hannah's)  is looking really good now! You will have to send some pictures of the house when it is finished!
I and serving with Elder Laub from Beryl, Utah and am still with Elder Bateman.
Things have been going really well this week, we got to do lots of service and teaching, so we are happy about that!
I got to speak and sing in sacrament this last Sunday which was nice; I also get to conduct a meeting with Elder Martino of the 2nd Quorum of the 70 who is visiting our mission.
This picture is all the Elders staying in our apartment, Elder Bateman and Elder Laub are on the far left side. The two in the middle are Elders Stewart and Elder Tarantino.
Our President has commited us to work on a Christlike attribute this month.  I have chosen 'Humility' so we will see if I can bend my will to the Lord's.  I am excited about this goal.
Anyway, thanks so much for all you have sent me thus far, the powder will be great and anything else you think I might need. I do have a favor to ask you... The long sleve shorts that I have are starting to wear out, could you send me one are two of those? Size is 16 neck and the rest is 32/33. If you can I would greatly appreciate that. Thanks again!
In the other picture we just got done mowing a lawn for an investigator, it is a big lawn.
I will let you know how this next week. Love Elder Nelson

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