Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

So just a quick experience I had over the week, we had a fireside with Elder Martino of the Seventy and we spent the whole day with him from 8am until 9pm and got to learn alot from him... We were at a dinner appointment and we thought we could try one of the new things we learned, so we invited the family we were having dinner with, to take us next door and introduce us... We had no idea what was going to come of it, we got to know them and got invited back! It was so much easier with a friend who has their foot in the door to just walk over and invite.
I had the wonderful oppurtunity to conduct the meeting with Elder Martino and got to speak with him while we waited to get things started.  He said I had a wonderful countenance and that I did a wonderful job conducting! I was thankful for the time I got to spend with him.
Elder Bateman, Laub and myself have had a good time together!
The only thing that has been tough is home sickness for them, but I have made it a point that if we work and find things to do that home won't even be a thought. We live in an apartment with two other Elders so keeping everyone focused on the work will be a goal of mine.
It is such a privlege and blessing to study the gospel for 2 years; I have been keeping a journal of most of the experiences that I have and the feelings that I am going through at times, which is a blessing in itself; not only do I get to have these experiences but I get to create a habit of recording my personal and spiritual experiences which will benefit me throughout my life!
As a missionary in my area; people have said in my area that they have gained a new respect for the full time Elders and the work they do.  We are seeing things pick up and start to fall in place, people are understanding their calling and the things that they must do to make this work move forward. It is the small help of each member that makes the whole body work proper and in unity.
I love the pictures Dan looks awesome, and Tyler has a huge beard! Max is such a stud, I miss him! I hope you can get Isaac and Hannah moved in ok, but that is exciting to hear that they are planning on getting sealed soon.
You sent an e-mail and it said happy birthday? you know my birthday isn't for two my weeks right? (Lol)
Everything is going good here in Idaho we have tons of service this week, so that will be fun and also lots of teaching appointments!
Thanks for sending the shirts and thanks for being a loving parent who has always set a great example for me. If their is anything I can do for you please let me know I love you and Dad! Say hi to everyone and send my love.
Elder Samuel G. Nelson

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