Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey Mom,
Thanks again for the pictures!

Elder Nicholls was born and raised in Zimbabwe and came over to do school at BYU, he plays for the rugby team there. He has two brothers that are really good at rugby, his oldest brother is working with the U.S. sevens team and is planning on playing for them. 
E-Nicholls has been out for just about 23 months so he will leave in 3 weeks, he is a good guy and one that I would like to keep in touch with after my mission. 

This week we have 3 Zone Conferences and a bunch of set lessons, We will be doing 2 companion exchanges with zone leaders and then we have stake conference in our ward this Sunday. 

Dinner: You know I couldn't say that I have a favorite dinner meal, I just eat what is placed before me. I have have come to really enjoy fish! In one of the wards that I worked in we had a family that was from Alaska, every summer the father would travel back to Alaska and bring a lot of fish home. After we had met with the family he gave us salmon to go cook! It turned out really good and since I have had a lot of salmon from different places, I would say that my favorite meal is salmon cook right with a good side. 

So we have had just miracles happen for us, we have found 4 new people to teach this week. Our teaching has been garbage but we are working through that! We have set some goals and plans to improve. 

So just 3 days ago we were teaching 3 girls in our ward, we got started and then all of a sudden there was a knock at the door... It was a guy named Jacque: Jacque came in and we could just tell the point of him coming in was to try and contend with us... We continued teaching the girls, and out of no where Jacque asked a questions "Can someone be spiritual without religion?" in a condescending way... Elder Nicholls answered him, but their where holes in the in answers from Elder Nicholls, so before Jacque could respond I quickly explained what Paul said in a slight varation of my own. 1 COR 12: 14-23. Using this I explained that one could be spiritual but would wither away being by itself just as a arm without the body would wither away. He was silenced and did not try to contend anymore.

I was wondering if I could could get some daily vitamin and whatever else you think would be good...? If that is possible. I will try and send some pictures in a little. Love Elder Nelson!

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