Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Isaac and Hannah are getting sealed, that is so exciting! I hope everyone is able to make it out to Snowflake.
So during the Boise Temple open house; I got to see Elder Nattress several times while I was serving next to the temple, He actually gave me a hug but I doubt he would ever remember me haha. That is so awesome that you are going around to all the neighbors to invite them out to the open house! I got to take lots of people through the temple for the opening of it!
How was the Zone Conference? I got to be at 3 of them this last week so I was a little worn out at the end of all 3 of them. We have 3 leadership exchanges this week: I will attempt to explain that to you, we have all the leaders in the mission come together to go out with other leaders in the mission, and implement the training that we have received from our president.
So funny story, I was talking to a guy in our ward his name is Tyler Bates. He was talking about his mission in the Philippines, so I had mentioned that I had a friend serve there.... (Bill Katoa). Come to find out they served as companions, and are still in touch. I haven't heard from Bill since my farewell talk, so just this week he got my e-mail and wrote me and gave me a quick update on how things are going. It is such a small world!
So we had the opportunity to teach a guy who was raised Christian but found himself with more questions than answers, so he fell away from any belief in God. But he got invited by a member to learn about the LDS faith! So we got to teach him yesterday and it was so awesome because we were able to answer most of his questions with scriptures from the Book of Mormon. Afterward he expressed his thanks and was excited to meet again next week. I was amazed to see the change that came upon him as we opened the scriptures.
So this week we are going to try and work with Boise State University to set up like a Mormon 101 Class... We will see how that goes this week.
Anyway I love you and am so thankful for all that you do. Love Elder Nelson!

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