Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5, 2013

Hey I love the pictures and thanks so much for keeping me updated on everything. I am so greatful for you taking your time to do that.
I will fast for Lana this week as well. I hope she is doing good.
I love seeing the pictures that you send, they are always fun to see.
We have been teaching a guy from Columbia his name is Alejandro Hortet; he got introduced to the church through a member on a plane flight from Arizona, she got his information and sent that to us. We have been teaching him for the past two weeks, he came into our next lesson all dressed up like us, in a suit and tie! It was cool to see that our example was being followed by our investigator.
I hope everything is going good. I love you and all you do! Thanks so much for all you do.
I am a little worn this week so my letter is going to be short.
I love you have a wonderful week! Love Elder Samuel Nelson!

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