Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

I didn't know Amelia got a new name, its cute. I always keep them in
my prayers! I hope it all works out for them:)

Oh Scott Curry... Was he the one with the Bees? I hope things work out
for her in Hawaii, I am sure she is doing good in Hawaii though haha:)

You will have to have Maria and Dirk give me some tips for working
with the Spanish District! I don't really know how to get things going
forward in Spanish! Any tips would be great:)

You got to love the grandkids tough:) I am sure that wont be the last time it happens!

I will check and see if I got anything for Christmas! Also could you
send a few ties? Maybe some brighter colors? That would be so

I am super excited for Isaac and Hannah! 2 Months that is so soon, I
can't wait to see her.

Tell Emma I said congrats and to keep it up! She is definitely your
prized possession:) love you and wish you all the best!

So sad to hear about the Seeley's! I would have never guessed, and yes
Justus was my age. Is Justus still in St. George? I saw him on campus
at Dixie State awhile ago, it was really good to see him and the
growth that he had made.

Hope all is well I love you and Wish you a good week. Talk to you soon!

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