Friday, December 13, 2013

December 9, 2013

Hey Mom,

Thanks again for the pictures! St. George looks good with a little
snow! We got a lot of snow over the weekend, we have been below
freezing for the whole week and it gets down to about 6-7 each night.
I have everything I need to stay warm though.

Doing missionary work has been hard the last 2 weeks in our area, It is
finals week and everyone just got back from thanksgiving break. We
were still able to stay active in our work and find meaningful things
to do.

So did the Skype thing work?

Our mission president came out with us the other day which made things
really fun. We talked to a lot of people and got to set a baptismal
date with one of our investigators! I learned a lot being out with
President Winder he is a great example in missionary work. When we go
to the air port to pick up newly arrived missionaries we usually see
who can talk to more people and talk about the gospel. Not in a
competitive way or anything; he saw me doing it the first time we went
to the air port so now he is starting to do it and we have fun with it

We had something come up in the Spanish Zone with a District so now
Elder Dearborn and I will be giving the weekly district meeting
trainings. We are pretty excited about that!! Too bad we don't speak
any Spanish haha, we will make it work though.

Elder Dearborn and I are working really hard to get things going in our
mission!!! He is a computer wiz!!! So he makes office work go a lot
faster, it helps with a lot of the small detail work that we do.
We are going to be teaching a class at BSU for 15 minutes then have a
Question and Answer at the end, we are going to be speaking on the
plan of salvation so we are hoping to get a lot of success from it.. I
will let you know!

Anyway It seems that the family is doing great tell them I said hi! I
love them and love you and Dad! Hope all is well have a wonderful day.
Love Elder Samuel Nelson!

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