Friday, July 5, 2013

August 12, 2012

Elder Nelson and Elder Rogers from the MTC.

 The group picture is everyone Elder Nelson came out with.
 The one picture that I look tall in is me and Elder Barnes... Elder Barnes went home after a week so that is why i am in a trio.
 First Baptism With Leonard Murray and his step father they were awesome.
The picture is me then to my left, your right is Elder Hoyt and the other Elder is McDonald.
 The first one is Elder Nelson studying, eating some avocado on bread and drinking Coconut milk, so we know he is keeping up on his healthful habits.
Anyways let me know how everything is going, I will keep writing and keeping you guys updated as best I can. Love You Elder Nelson

Another letter sent just before the one above:

Hey how are you doing? Are you playing tennis now? So thus far it has been great just working with the members and the people of Idaho. Hope you got to see some of the pictures I sent. I am riding so much now we are covering a stake so it has been hard to write you guys.
The Refugee Area is so much fun, the people just come sit down and if we have something in their languge they are so happy! I just wish the people that lived here were that excited to get the book of mormon... or to know God still talks to us today, I have been just working hard and taking my time in the wards. cause so many people have been offended or just don't like the church, so i figure if they see me all the time they may be softened. Iam learning  about myself out here it is so good. Alma 32 has been so good because my mind is begining to expand and I am loving it. Anyways I will send pictures and explain who is in them.

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