Friday, July 5, 2013

August 8, 2013

Right now I am with the two elders serving in Boise Central.  We are on bikes and we are covering the whole stake! Alot of riding, my legs are turning into steel. This week will be my first baptism which is exciting to have.  So you have probably seen the pictures I sent .  These are some kids from the Congo who always come to me to fix there bikes. (When they say this it is with a big smile and the english is bad. This is what they say, "Bike no good") So I always help them out.  I have started to talk with their parents.  They all really like me. :)  I have read through the Book of Mormon three times now and am almost done with Bible.  So everything out my mouth is a scripture. haha not really. But it is getting that way. I will try and be better at writing. I will keep you updated.  How far along are you now?
Love Elder Nelson

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