Friday, July 5, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hey So I am staying in the Boise Mission and will training a new missionary!
So excited to be apart of this split and all the wonderful things going on right now, I am sad to see President Cannon go but I am looking forward to work with President Winder! He is from the Salt Lake Area.
Sounds like the Family is doing really good! I will keep them in my prayers. Tell John Happy Birthday!
He looks like a little model in his grad pictures! He will be such a great missionary, so crazy to see him leaving and serving the Lord!
I am so excited about the work in our area and the Love the memebers here have for us we have made a complete 180 in the area!
I am amazed and filled with such a joy to see the people to whom I am Laboring draw closer to the Lord. I am also so greatful for the support I am given on a day to day basis; though at times I get few hours of sleep I am restless as the day goes forward. I have been so blessed to have truths revealed to me and also treasure the knowledge that the Lord has given me and yet to has given me.
I hope all is well! Tell the family I love them and will write them very soon,  tell emma she will do so good in school she is so smart!
Love Elder Nelson! P.S. Happy Fathers Day To Dad Tell him I love him!
Also Let Maria know that doing a blog for me would be great thanks!

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